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I'm back!

2010-07-14 14:54:15 by TheFrozenBunny

If you read the title then you'll know that I'm back and a while back I checked the reviews for life as a stick and they were faily posative ( even though there were some complaints) so I made an expandsion on it! It will be uploaded soon.
Edit: it's uploade now

New song!

2009-10-19 20:35:55 by TheFrozenBunny

I finnaly started to make songs and this is my first one but it took forever for the aduio mods to get it submitted so noone view it yet. :(
Well here's the link:
Dancing in the forest
I hope you like it

Well newgrounds

2009-06-30 11:36:20 by TheFrozenBunny

I'm back and it seems that you didn't really like the educational games that I made like Learn to use Algebra. So instead of wasting my time on another educational game, I made a new game with tones of randomness and stuff like that. You can learn stuff with a press of a button. (I wish it was this way in real life) So no need for learning!

Life as a stick!

Have fun